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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

No one hopes to find themselves in the midst of civil litigation or pulled into court. The circumstances that result in potential litigation often represent some of the more difficult times in the life of a business or a person. When that burden comes you need a strong advocate in your corner. Whether you are being sued or need to press your own legal rights though the initiation of litigation, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to fight for you or your business.

At Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A., our civil trial attorneys handle all manner of civil disputes including commercial and business disputes, contract cases, family and domestic disputes, association litigation, banking and foreclosure disputes, real estate litigation, insurance policy disputes, collection cases, landlord and tenant disputes, and construction lawsuits, in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Sometimes a dispute needs to be handled with an iron fist and sometimes it requires a velvet glove. Often it is a mix of both. You need an advocate with the wisdom to know the proper strategy to employ in delivering the needed remedy. All cases involve unique facts, parties and dynamics. Regardless of your circumstance, our bottom line is to seek your best possible outcome. Sometimes that involves taking matters through a jury trial and even appeals. Often the best outcomes are ones that deliver swift resolutions requiring less time and expense. Each case requires ongoing attention and continuing evaluation to be responsive to the reality of the situation as it unfolds. We provide that continuing care and attention to the duration of your case.

When legal conflict occurs, it is essential to have a trusted advocate to guide you through the litigation process. Generally, after a lawsuit is filed, it can take one to two years until the case is resolved by a trial. Much of this time is consumed by gathering information from the opposing party. This process is called discovery, and includes interrogatories, requests for documents, and depositions. This period also involves interviewing witnesses, deciding on whether experts will be needed, and filing various pre-trial motions. Prior to trial, North Carolina requires that the parties to the lawsuit attempt to settle the case through alternative dispute resolution (for example, by arbitration or mediation). Many, if not most, cases are resolved at this stage. For the cases that have not settled, those trials are presided over by a judge, whereas others there is a right to a trial by jury. Our trial attorneys are familiar with the courts, judges and juries in the Charlotte area. That experience is indispensable to receiving the best representation in your civil dispute.

Our attorneys are experienced in civil litigation, having been through many court hearings and trials. Our attorneys have conducted trials in state and federal court, resulting in successful judgments and verdicts. After a trial, there are many post-trial motions and an appeal process that may be useful, depending on the outcome. Our attorneys are experienced in these areas as well. You want to choose a firm that has experience in all courtrooms so that the proper venue can be chosen and your matter can been seen through to completion.

When you need a Charlotte trial attorney experienced in civil trial practice, call Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A. today for a consultation at (704) 377-4164 or submit our online form. Our firm provides lawyers that are ready to assist you.

Client Reviews

What a great professional experience I have had working with Mr. Galvin! His straight-forward, honest approach has helped me both personally and professionally in many ways. He is always there when I need him.

Jason Jones

I recently engaged the legal services of James Galvin, Esq., to assist me in a foreclosure case brought by a bank. He skillfully and thoughtfully negotiated a very successful conclusion with a nominal cash settlement of an otherwise considerable debt. I can thoroughly recommend the use of his...


James Galvin is the most honest and forthright attorney I ever met. He has been a pleasure to work with. If I ever need an attorney again, James will be my choice. I know he will work hard on your behalf to help resolve the matter to your best interest.

David L. Lively

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