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James Galvin Reviews

James has been our business attorney for years. He helped us start our company, develop our operating and investor agreements. He guided us through expansion in other states. He served as litigation counsel when it became necessary to protect our interests. He negotiated our commercial leases when we were tenants and now again as landlords. Finally, he led us through a successful merger and acquisition that was reported in the Wall Street Journal. We could throw any problem at him and count on him to handle it with poise and expertise. His intelligence, work ethic, and wisdom in knowing what needs to be done in any given situation makes him an indispensable part of our company. We couldn't do this without him.

Tiny Horse, LLC

James Galvin has represented my wife as well as other members of my extended family and I in our personal legal needs for many years. In the past two years I have also engaged James throughout the process of forming, launching, and then running my business which has dealings both locally and across the country. James’ advice, insight and efforts helped propel my business forward in a meaningful way. I find him to be fully professional, accessible, more than competent and unquestionably trustworthy.

Stuart Mullen, Range Development Services, LLC

James was more than my legal counsel; he was fully invested in my situation and often checked in to see how I was doing emotionally. James earned my immense respect as a legal scholar; he evidently has a great amount of respect amongst his peers in the legal community – on and off the bench. This proved to be a very valuable asset when it came to James dialoguing with opposing counsel and consequently working out a settlement that allowed me and my wife to move onward with our lives and put a very unfortunate situation behind us.


In our business, of construction and real estate, there are occasions where issues arise that bring everything to a halt. When those situations occur, we reach out to James Galvin. His counsel, advice and advocacy have been invaluable in finding a way to resolve conflicts and move forward with confidence. When the stakes are high, I cannot emphasis enough the value of having insightful and sound legal representation, it has made all the difference for our company.

David A. Reule, Westwood, LLC

James is an extraordinary attorney. He has extensive knowledge and is able to captivate/overwhelm the court room with his legal experience and knowledge of the legal practice. I thank God each day that I was blessed to have such a powerful attorney represent my best interest and that of our community. James is devoted to ensuring justice is accomplished and will fight for your rights to the end.

Pamela Alexander

In January 2012 I began an application for stating a tax-exempt non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. In my mind I thought "How difficult can this be?" Quickly I became discouraged and overwhelmed with the entire process. Out of frustration, I decided to consult an attorney and called James Galvin. James professionally guided me through the entire application process, informing me of what I needed to do and the service his office would provide. The entire process became painless for me and, with his help; I was successful in gaining approval from the IRS.

Adventure Resources, Inc.

I recently engaged the legal services of James Galvin, Esq., to assist me in a foreclosure case brought by a bank. He skillfully and thoughtfully negotiated a very successful conclusion with a nominal cash settlement of an otherwise considerable debt. I can thoroughly recommend the use of his services.


It is hard to find people with true integrity in the field of law. After 25 years in business, I have come across too many attorneys that only look out after the interest of their wallet and not the interest of their client. Mr. Galvin has understood our situation and worked to an economical resolve. I trust him with his opinion and judgments. He brings to the table experience, knowledge, professionalism and wisdom that is displayed in his abilities to evaluate the case and navigate to the best road to come to a resolution. I highly recommend James Galvin.


James Galvin has helped me personally and professionally. From traffic violations, to civil and complex business issues, for over 10 years of reliable services, Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell and Galvin, without any reservation has been a trusted, professional and courteous law firm I would recommend to anyone!

Donald Kim, The Glove Box, Inc.

We have used Mr. Galvin on multiple cases for the last year and a half and have been extremely impressed with his abilities. In several cases, we have been to open court and his ability to think on his feet in responses to the opposing counsel and in answering questions posed to him by Judges has been extraordinary to say the least. I would recommend James to anyone seeking legal advice and representation as you would be hard pressed to find anyone more capable.

Mary Reed and Richard Howse M&R Site Locators, LLC

James Galvin is the most honest and forthright attorney I ever met. He has been a pleasure to work with. If I ever need an attorney again, James will be my choice. I know he will work hard on your behalf to help resolve the matter to your best interest.

David L. Lively

James Galvin in knowledgeable and honest. He "leaves no stone unturned" in order to uncover all the facts of your case. He is aggressive and accurate and quick to respond to the defendant’s refusal to cooperate in a professional, yet assertive manner. I would highly recommend the services of James Galvin, Attorney at Law.


What a great professional experience I have had working with Mr. Galvin! His straight-forward, honest approach has helped me both personally and professionally in many ways. He is always there when I need him.

Jason Jones

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