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Magi Buchwald
English, Spanish (paralegal)

I love the practice of law because I love people. My practice is an opportunity to serve people – many times to serve people that are in difficult or delicate situations.

People are interesting and they have interesting cases. I have clients that adopted triplets (we later determined that the birth mother had used fertility drugs). I worked with another client to close a $20,000,000.00 loan facility in Boston during a driving snow storm. I have supervised the signing of adoption paperwork in the parking lot of a restaurant near Linville, NC because the birth parents desired secrecy and did not want to sign the documents in the hospital. Another time a client flew me to Belize to assist that client in the purchase of an island there.

People also do loving, sacrificial, and honorable acts. I have clients that adopted a child born with part of the brain missing – a child with a life expectancy of less than two years who could never respond to them. They adopted the child simply to show love to that child. A business client paid debts it did not owe when a Seller of a business misrepresented its payables on the closing documents. My client probably could have left the bills unpaid without adverse consequences, but made the payments out of a sense of honor and to protect its reputation.

My representation includes transactional and litigation matters, with an emphasis on adoptions and homeowners associations. I have tried cases all over North Carolina – in the mountains, piedmont, and coastal regions of our state. Our firm has completed over 1000 private and agency adoptions, and we represent scores of community associations. I have practiced law for 36+ years and I have high expertise in my chosen practice areas.

My job is to listen to my client and to find a solution to my client’s needs. Sometimes that solution is as easy as drafting a customized document. Other times that solution involves complex litigation. When I meet with a client, I propose options based on the situation. Although the client ultimately makes the decision, my job is to educate the client and to make recommendations on possible solutions. Because my practice began in a civil litigation firm, my knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the adversarial process informs my recommendations.

I am the senior partner and a founding member of Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin, P.A. My extensive courtroom experience since 1983 enables me to advocate for clients effectively in contested matters including adoption, foreclosure, and business cases. I receive many referrals from fellow attorneys, and I have successfully argued cases before both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

I also have been a featured speaker at numerous legal seminars, including Continuing Legal Education courses teaching other attorneys. I am often consulted for the purpose of personal counsel in addition to legal advice.

My firm, Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin, P.A., can help you. Call me today at (704) 377-4164.

  • Business North Carolina, Legal Elite, 2010 – Family Law
  • SDW 367 NC 386, 2014
    • Successfully argued adoption case before NC Supreme Court.
  • RTW COA 17-13, 2017
    • NC Court of Appeals upheld termination of rights for a private adoption.
  • EAD COA 16-1132, 2017
    • NC Court of Appeals upheld termination of rights for an agency adoption.
  • JC COA 348P11, 2011


  • Start to Finish – W. David Thurman// Bobby D. Mills, et al
    • National Business Institute, 2019
  • Introduction to Adoption Law – W. David Thurman
    • LawReview CLE, 2013
  • Adoption Law in North Carolina – W. David Thurman//Donna Davis
    • Professional Development Network, 2000
  • I grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina. I am married to my high school sweetheart, the former Mary Beth Styles, and we have three adult three children. I enjoy coaching soccer with refugee and underprivileged youth, and hiking and camping in the mountains.


  • UNC-Chapel Hill - J.D. - 1983

    With honors

  • UNC-Chapel Hill - B.A. - 1980

    Phi Beta Kappa

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

    Member Since: 1994

  • North Carolina Bar Association

    Member Since: 1983

  • Christian Legal Society

    Member Since: 1983

  • Mecklenburg County Bar

    Member Since: 1983

Client Reviews

David and his firm are always attentive and quick to respond to our needs. I have full confidence, based off many years, that our needs are handled in a professional manner. I don’t worry about his integrity.

Chris, President

For the past 22 years I have relied on David Thurman and his staff to help advise me both personally and professionally. I can honestly say that I am comforted to know that they are in my camp when I need them. Whether we are planning for the future, purchasing a company or selling one, or...

Matt W., President

David Thurman has provided invaluable legal counsel and service to me in Charlotte over the past 10 years. His highly-trusted assistance has included the writing of my Will, as well as providing much-needed counsel with respect to the sale of my Charlotte, NC home, including representing me at...

Loyola C.

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