Charlotte Estate Planning Attorneys

Last Will and Testament is often being awarded to the owner’s chosen heir/heiress of his/her properties.

At Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A., we provide estate planning and drafting services. Our firm has prepared and executed wills and other estate planning documents for hundreds of clients. We take pride in our attention to detail and to ensure the expressed wishes of each maker are executed.

This area of service is one of priority, because of its importance to the lives of its patrons. Proper estate preparation can prevent significant financial and emotional burdens, during a time when the loss and grief may already be overwhelming.

Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A. focuses on the need of the individual for wills, trusts, living wills, health care power of attorneys, and general powers of attorney. Our firm customizes each document to the express requirements of each client and opportunity for close review is accorded. Then, because proper execution is so important, we do not charge any additional fee for execution services to flat fee clients in order to encourage proper execution.

Contact an attorney to certify your wills and for estate planning services with Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A. You can call us at (704) 377-4164 or simply submit our online form. Our firm provides experienced lawyers that are ready to assist you today.