Charlotte Business Lawyers

Lawyer stands in front of a crowd during a corporate formation hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A., we have provided extensive representation to many forms of businesses, such as partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Our services range from business formation (such as preparing articles of incorporation and by-laws), to ongoing general counsel services and litigation.

We have an extensive experience in the purchase, acquisition, and merger of businesses. Our firm has negotiated and performed multi million dollar acquisitions and has overseen small retail transactions as well. The experience of our attorneys enables us to customize the nature and extent of services to the size and type of transaction in question.

The attorneys of our firm are often consulted not only for legal expertise but for counsel in light of the factual issues. We uphold our reputation for appropriate advice in what are often complex and difficult matters. Because of the extensive litigation experience, our firm is able to present a range of options to our clients, delivered from an informed perspective.

At Thurman, Wilson, Boutwell & Galvin P.A., we can provide you with representation in business litigations. For a free consultation, call us today at (704) 377-4164 or fill out our online form.