Appeals Lawyers in Charlotte, NC

At the end of a trial, and after a Judge has entered the Court’s Order, one or both sides to the contest may want to appeal to Court’s Order to the North Carolina Court of Appeals or perhaps even to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Our attorneys are extremely qualified to represent our clients on appeal and throughout the appellate process. It is important to recognize an appealable issue as soon as possible during the trial process, as there are strict guidelines for the filing and perfecting of an appeal. Our attorneys are ready to handle the appeal from the very beginning, and we have also been called upon to jump in and pick up the appeal after it has already been started.

John Boutwell has experience with appeals at the federal level (Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals) and at the state level (North Carolina Court of Appeals and North Carolina Supreme Court). He has had oral arguments at all of those Courts. John is on the North Carolina Bar’s Appellate Rules Committee. He is experienced and qualified to help clients with all aspects of the appeal.